Dealing With Difficult Emotions


If you walk around with a constant feeling of restlessness, you know you got something on the inside that needs to be worked on, some event from the past or some feeling or issues that you haven’t dealt with, that you should confront and conquer instead of running away from them. Some people run away from themselves and their issues that keep on growing on the inside until it gets dealt with one way or another.

Some people run away from their problems by going from partner to partner, party to party, from one work to another, living life in a constant busyness that keep them from having to deal with things. This world is filled with people filled with emotions and issues that haven’t been dealt with. How many people do you know that are in peace with themselves? That is happy with living their life in a calm, healthy, happy and peaceful manner? Do you know more of this kind or the other kind? The kind that lives life in a constant business of socializing on the computer on the phone, listening to music, watching television, partying, dating, searching for a partner, drinking, working. It’s like the whole society are afraid of being in solitude and in stillness, for even a few minutes a day. Maybe it’s because of the fear of realizing that we are not really living life the way we want to live it, but living most of it based on how we think other would accept us to live.

Or maybe we’re have this restlessness and are running because of the fear of knowing that we have to confront ourselves and the way we are living. We would have to realize a few things or two about ourselves about the present or the past that could be difficult to deal with.

Difficult emotions are something everybody struggles with and it is something we all have to deal with one way or another. Some people are too emotional and has no emotional control. While others are too emotionally un-available that they block out anything that feels like anything.

Blocking out your emotions will not solve your problems. Releasing them everywhere and onto everyone will not solve it either. So how do we learn to deal with emotional issues? We should learn to write them down, speak about them openly and honestly and get them out in a healthy and moderate way. We need to learn to speak out about what we feel and not suppress anything. Because anything you suppress will have a un-healthy release in another way.

Do you wonder why you are so angry all of the time? It’s because you keep on suppressing emotions and issues that you need to deal with if you’re ever going to have any peace in your life.

Do you wonder why you’re so touchy, easily annoyed, and triggered by everything and anything other people are saying or doing? Why the smallest thing can get you upset? It’s because of all the emotions you have suppressed and are carrying around.

“If my mother or father has been there for me and loved me more than what they did, then I would be happy, then my life would have turned out differently.”

“If I had met the right partner to marry, then I would have been happy, and my life would have been better.”

“If people had treated me with more respect, then I would be able to be happy and feel better about myself.”

“If I hadn’t made those mistakes, then I could be happy.”

The truth is, if God gave you all the things you wanted and desired, you still wouldn’t be happy, because you still wouldn’t have dealt with your emotional issues and your emotional baggage from your past. You would keep on chasing mirages to cover up those feeling lingering inside and screaming to get out and to be dealt with, but instead you push them down inside your soul again, and keep thinking that: When I buy that car, then I will happy, then I will feel better inside. Or when I buy that dress, or when I get that money, or when I get that job, or that relationship, or when I move to that place. But the truth is you will not be happy even if you do all of those things, because the real reason you are unhappy and depressed is because you keep delaying dealing with those emotional issues. You will not be happy, or attract the things you want and need until you forgive yourself for making mistakes, for allowing yourself to be used, abused, lied to, stepped on and manipulated. Until you forgive yourself for degrading yourself and for doing things that have hurt you, the people you love and God.

You will not be happy until you forgive God and stop being mad at Him for allowing things to happen to you, and for not doing things your way or the way you think He should have done it.

Start doing these things and you will start seeing how good it is to be released from emotional baggage.


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