Letting Go Of Guilt And Shame


Stop blaming yourself for things you couldn’t do anything about. Too many people blame themselves for circumstances they couldn’t control. Too many people that have been abused are blaming themselves and feeling guilty and shameful for things that weren’t really their fault, and it is a burden that isn’t theirs to carry. Leave the guilt and the shame and the blame to the people who really are responsible for it. Forgive and let go of the guilt, shame and blame.

Letting go of guilt, shame and blame also goes for parents who feel as if they’ve let their children down because things have happened to their children. As parents we cannot always do everything perfectly, we cannot always protect our children from going through hurt and pain, even though we want to. The only thing we can do is to teach our children to deal with difficult things in a decent way. We can teach them forgiveness, going to God for strength and to always keep Him first trusting that He will bring justice, healing & restoration no matter what happens.




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