God’s Bootcamp

If you feel like God is being hard on you, know that it is for your own good. If you feel like you’re in God’s bootcamp and that you are being pushed and pressured on all levels, know that it is not to break you, but to make you. It is to make you better, stronger and fit for battle.

This doesn’t mean a physical battle, but the battle in the spiritual world, the battle in the mind. It means that when you’ve graduated from God’s camp you will be able to stand through fire, rain, and storms like a superhero.

When other people would normally break down you stay strong and stand tall. You will be a light and strength for other people to rely on, and you will easier handle all the attacks coming your way. You will be able to deal with negative people, difficult times, opposition and trials. And you will pass all the tests needed to succeed.


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