Choosing Right Relationships

From the book Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.

We are all given the freedom of choice. This means that we can choose what we want and don’t want in our lives. You don’t have to be around negative people who drain and poison your life and your walk with God.

You don’t have to be in a job you hate and dislike, or in that relationship that is depressing you, or live in that house you despise. You don’t have to be upset or offended by other people’s comments or attitudes towards you. You don’t have to be miserable, depressed, or unhappy.
You have the choice to make the necessary changes to live a better, happier, more satisfying life, right now. But you are the one who has to walk the steps; nobody else can walk them for you. But you can pray that God will help you and give you the guidance, strength, and courage to do so.
Sometimes the devil will try to use other people to keep you from your life purpose.
If you have people in your life who keep draining you, keep putting you down and who are keeping you away from God’s will, you should reconsider if this relationship is good for you or not. If a person keeps promising you to change, and again and again you end up being used and hurt, you should consider removing yourself from this person.

Yes, we are to forgive and to believe the best about other people, but we are not called to be used, abused, and stepped on. We are not called to be in relationships that make us compromise God’s will for us and our lives. God comes first, and our love for Him and our will to serve Him.
Change the people you surround yourself with, and change your life. Sometimes changing the people you surround yourself with, can change your whole world. If you remove all the negative, manipulative, abusive, or untrustworthy people you have in your life, you will see your world getting brighter, better, and more positive. You’ll have less drama, less stress, more energy, and more happiness.

Walk With The Wise
Proverbs 13:20:
He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.

Walk with the wise, and you will grow wise; walk with fools, and you may end up as a fool as well.
It’s very important whom we surround ourselves with; even if we think a certain kind of people won’t affect us, they will if we surround ourselves with them long enough.

Choose to stay around people who believe in you, people who love and respect you and God, people who are good, wise, and righteous and who are having a positive effect on you.
Don’t hang around people who are degrading your level of consciousness and who are hindering your growth or people who are negatively affecting your morals, values, and relationship with God.
Remove yourself from people who are making you compromise to be with them and who don’t allow you to be the best you can be.



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