Your Children Are Safe & Protected

As we all know, life doesn’t always turn out the way we’ve planned it to; the same goes for our children.

We can follow all the right recipes for how to be a good parent and raising good children who eventually will turn out as well-behaved adults. But still it doesn’t mean that it will work out the way we want.

Because every child is different, have different personalities and different life experiences and responds differently to different kinds of situations.

God has a different plan for everyone; we just have to trust that He will eventually guide them towards the right path. Just like we needed to fail and fall and make some mistakes and wrong choices when we were younger, they need to learn and experience difficulties in life to grow up into good, wise, mature people.

We can only do the best we can to raise our children to be good and teach them good behavior, values, and morals and how to deal with difficulties, the best way possible.

Whether they choose to follow what we have taught them and choose right rather than wrong is up to them. We can only do our best and pray for them.

The Power Of Praying For Our Children

Isaiah 43:5:

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.

Prayer is powerful, and it sends out great amounts of power and energy in the direction in which we send it. If we pray for our children and with our children daily, it opens up great doors for good things to happen to them. It opens doors for God to work in their lives, and it may help them make better choices for themselves.

Pray that God will protect your children; if you’re worried when they’re out, pray to God that He will protect them and keep them safe. If they are lost and walking the wrong path, pray that they will be found and taken home to the right path again. Pray for the faith to release all your worries and to give them to Him, then let Go And Let God.


Know that in anything that happens there’s a divine order, and everything will work out fine and like it’s supposed to in the end. Mother Mary had to suffer the pain of the sacrifice her son made for the world, but both she and Jesus knew that there was a divine order behind everything that happened and they chose to keep their faith and trust in God. The pain and darkness they had to go through was only temporary, but the blessings and light that came after the pain was everlasting. So if you’re going through difficult times as a mother and are struggling with your child, have faith in that things will get better, that there’s a divine order and lessons that are needed to be learned that are going to make all of you grow into better, stronger wiser people in the future.

If you are going through a hard time right now in raising your child, know that you are not alone, that all parents have their own struggles in raising their children.

Every child goes through different stages and phases in their lives, and they all have their different challenges.

But remember that this is just a phase, and is only temporary just like every other phase. This too shall pass.


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