Healthy Sexual Behaviour

From The Book: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.


Promiscuity, Adultery, And Cheating

Most people in today’s society have an unhealthy attitude towards sex, and that is the root of many problems and struggles that people are dealing with today.
People struggle with sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and abortions, and marriages and relationships are falling apart because of cheating and adultery.
All of this should tell us that society today does not have a healthy attitude towards sex. If we want the next generation to succeed in having a healthier moral, attitude, and behavior, then we of this generation need to make some changes and correction in our own morals and attitudes.
The right religious thing to do is to wait until you’re married; that is the will of God for a very good reason.

Immoral sexual behavior creates unnecessary chaos in your physical and spiritual world that could have been avoided by obeying God’s commandments. God’s will for your life is peace; He does not want to keep us from fun or enjoyment, which is a thing that many people are deceived to believe. If it’s something God wants to keep us away from, it’s rather sexually transmitted diseases (STD), unwanted pregnancies and abortions, and a life of regrets.
Many people have failed to have somebody preach messages like this to them when they were younger, which could have helped them avoid a lot of unwanted situations and complications, but let us learn from the previous generations’ mistakes and start teaching our children and the generation after us good, righteous, and moral behavior. It may save future lives.

To choose to wait until you’re married is to walk the Narrow Path.
It is to choose the road that leads to life and the road that is pleasing to God. A narrow path is a road that few people choose; only a few wise people will find it and walk it and see the benefits of it.

And if we look at the world today, this isn’t a path that many people choose. Most people are manipulated and deceived into thinking that it’s stupid to wait until marriage. And most people choose the broader path, which leads to death, destruction and misery.

Many people have already failed to walk this path, but with God you always get a chance to turn around and make the right choice here and now.
If you’ve had promiscuous behavior and have committed adultery in the past, you can choose to change your ways here and now.
You can give your promise to God right now to walk the narrow path that He has now guided you towards, which will lead to life, and pray that He will give you the strength and guidance to do so. And you will see that God’s will for your life is happiness through being righteous and obeying His word.
God wants you to wait until marriage—not to keep you away from joy, but so that you can be with the person that is right for you, so that you can live in a relationship where your children have two parents that are together and happy.
Where you can be a role model to them of how they should live when they get older. The commandment of waiting until you’re married isn’t impossible to keep; you just need determination and the understanding to know why it is important to keep it and what makes most people fail in keeping it.


1 Peter 1:14:
As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.


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