You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

There’s no person, no devil or no curse that can keep you from God’s will. If your break through haven’t happened yet, it is because it is not the right time for you yet, or because you are not doing all the things God wants you to do, and there may be some tests you have to pass first before your reward and breakthrough can be given to you.

The only person who can keep you from your destiny and God’s will is you. You keep yourself from God’s good will for your life if you choose to disobey God by being sinful, or if you are opening doors for evil to work in your life, like if you are angry, jealous and resentful or bitter. You do it if you don’t pray to God for good things to happen and don’t have faith in that good things will happen, and if you don’t open the doors for God to work in your life through prayer and faith.

You are the one who have the choice to be blessed by God. You have to choose to close all doors for evil to work in your life, close all doors of anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, strife and negativity.

You have to choose to pray and have faith in God and open the doors for Him to work in your life.

You have to choose to follow His commandments and follow the lead of The Holy Spirit which He guides you through. You have to choose Him and His ways, so that He can bless you and give you all the good things you want and are asking for.

You have to choose to read God’s Word and spend daily time with Him and prioritize Him and His ways not for Him but for your own sake.

Choose God, choose obedience to God and His commandments, choose love, choose faith, choose to be blessed and have the life that you want and are dreaming of having.


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