The Lotus Flower And The Lily

Song of Solomon 2:1:
I am the rose of Sharon, The lily of the valleys. Like a lily among the thorns, so is my darling among the maidens.

Lilies can grow up in all kinds of surroundings; they can grow up to be a beautiful blooming flower, even among thorns. The lotus flower grows up in the mud and in rough circumstances, but it grows up into a beautiful blooming flower unaffected by the mud surrounding it.
Just like the lotus flower and the lily we can grow up in mud, thorns, and impure and negative surroundings, but still grow beautifully into a person who is unaffected and untouched by other people’s impurities and negativity.

We can stay pure in the midst of impurities, we can be a light in the midst of darkness, and we can choose to stand out from the crowd.
We can be surrounded by darkness and negativity but still stay positive; we don’t have to be negative or unrighteous like everybody else. We can be a beautiful lily and lotus flower in surroundings of thorns and mud.

Job 40:22:
The Lotus Plants cover him with shade; The willows of the brook surround him. If a river rages, he is not alarmed; He is confident, though the Jordan rushes to his mouth.



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