God’s Love Includes Correction

Conviction is something you feel when you are displeasing to God or not following His commandments and He wants to correct you and improve you.

Conviction leads to correction, and correction will lead to improvement.

Condemnation isn’t the same as conviction. Condemnation is walking around feeling bad about everything you do all the time and feeling like you’re doing nothing right. When you are walking around feeling condemned, you don’t feel right unless you feel wrong.

Condemnation is not from God, He wants to convict and correct us but not constantly condemn us and make us feel bad, shameful, and guilty. Guilt and shame are not of God either. Conviction and correction helping us to improve is. Correct your ways, then let go of the guilt and shame.

God is a teacher not a punisher; if we feel like difficult times are happening in our life, it is because there are lessons we need to learn. Lessons that can make us better, wiser, and stronger.

God wants to teach us to live a good, righteous, and peaceful life. And to do that He has to correct, convict, and teach us. God’s correction and conviction is not always comfortable, but it is always necessary and for our own good.


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