Love Your Partner As Yourself

From The Book Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover:


Make Your Wife Feel Loved

When you do your part in the relationship, God will make your wife do her part. You wonder why your wife doesn’t treat you with the respect and love you want to? When you don’t do your part?

Make your wife feel loved and like she is somebody of worth and value, not just somebody that cooks, cleans, and takes care of your children. Then maybe she will respect you the way you want and treat you better than she ever has. Don’t say, “I give her everything she needs, I work hard to provide for us, I pay the bills, and I give her money, and I do this, and I do that.”

It’s not money that she needs to feel loved, she need to hear that you love her from time to time and that you show her that you love her.

Not just by taking care of her material need, but more importantly her emotional needs. Women need their men to show them that they are loved, valued, and appreciated. If she needs to feel that she is loved, then show it to her.
How much will it cost you to buy her flowers once in a while? Or to tell her you love her before you go out the door to work or before you go to bed at night?
The secret to getting a woman to love and respect you like a man should be respected by a woman, is to love and respect her as a woman and meet her emotional needs.

Yes, some men may be able to make their women do things for them by manipulating them and trying to control them.
But how long do you think it will last before she gets tired of your behavior and eventually leaves you?


Adapt To Your Husband’s Needs

If you want your husband and partner to love you, then you have to respect him and treat him well. Treat him like a man worthy of respect, love, and honor.

Be humble, take care of your husband, and serve him with a good, loving attitude. Stop the nagging, the complaining, and the constant: “Why don’t you love me, why don’t you do this, or why don’t you do that? If you had done this or that, then I could be happy.”

You are the one who needs to learn to make yourself happy and stop relying on him to make you happy. You need to stop counting what he has and hasn’t done, let go of the record of wrongs.


Let The Man Be A Man And The Woman Be A Woman

It’s when people feel like they are not respected, loved, and treated like they want, that the love starts to fade and it’s more arguing than loving.

Men and women are different, and they have different needs, and we need to learn to understand and respect these differences. Women need to talk and let things out, while men deal with things differently, like playing sports and taking some time away from the home.

Men need space to do something else than to just be with you all the time. Men need time “to just be men.” When he wants to go out and hang with the guys and do something else, let him do it. Without you nagging and saying: “Why do you have to go out? Why don’t you love me, why can’t you spend the evening here with me, why this and why that.”

This is not going to make things better; maybe it’s going to make things even worse. Nagging won’t get him closer to you; it will rather push him away from you. Learn to have a humble attitude, and learn to adapt to your man’s needs.

Let him go out and get the space to do other things he enjoys. You’ll both get enough time together anyway, and some time apart from each other will just do you both good. Maybe he will come home happier and treat you better if you give him the space that he needs?

Action speaks louder than words; show him that you love him with the things you do for him and the way you do it. When you cook for him and take care of him and the house, do it with joy, love, and appreciation.

Show him that you really love him and love to please him and make him happy. Do the small things that counts, and he should do the same for you. When you both start to work on yourselves individually, you both can be better together and have a marriage the way it was intended.


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