If God Exists, Why Is There So Much Suffering?

There is suffering because God works through people, and many people are not obedient to the will of God. If everybody used their free will to choose to follow the will and the commandments of God, there would be peace.

If everybody that was called by God went out there to help the people in need, there would be peace.
God calls many people to do great works for humanity, but many out of fear choose to live an easy life, a comfortable life, rather than sacrificing their comfort in order to go out and be a light in the world. Many people choose to live a selfish life, serving themselves and their own will, lusts and desires, and spend their lives partying, drinking, watching television, and having fun.
A selfish life will be easy and comfortable for a while, but in the end it will leave you feeling empty and miserable because of the lack of fulfilling your soul’s calling, destiny and life purpose.

There are also suffering and pain because people choose to do wicked things that are not God’s will. God wants peace and happiness for our lives. He wants us to choose the narrow path that leads to life and happiness. But most people choose the broader path that leads to death and destruction and towards a life we can call hell.
If we follow God’s word and are obediant to Him by fulfilling the calling He has on our life, we will live a life similar to the life in heaven, and we will evetually have peace within us and around us.

Only God Has All The Answers

Isaiah 61:3:
To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

Nobody except God has all the answers to why things are happening the way they do; all we do know is that if God allows something, it is usually for a reason. Sometimes evil happens because people use their own free will to make bad and poor choices.
God never promised that we wouldn’t experience trials, tribulations and difficulties, and actually He has prepared us for that in the end times, we will see more evil, destruction and tribulations. But what He has promised is that He will give us strength to go through it when it happens, and that we will see an end to all the wickedness we see in the world these days.

He has promised us that if we seek Him, we will find Him, and if we ask, we will receive. He has also said that we will reap what we sow; if we sow good things, we will reap good things, and if we sow bad things, we will reap bad things.
If evil happens to us, God will compensate us with good things, and He will give us a crown of beauty for our ashes, and those who did those bad things to us, will reap of their own actions.

God never told anybody to murder, be evil and wicked; and actually in His commandments He has clearly told us not to murder. Violence, evil, and murder are not of God. He has given us these commandments for a reason and for our own good. He has also given us a free will to keep them, but what we are clearly seeing in the world today is that not everybody uses their free will to make good choices for themselves and to choose His ways.

If we do bad things and disobey Him and are suffering the consequences of it, we can’t blame Him for it, for He has given us rules that we should follow and has told us the consequences of disobeying them. But hopefully we can learn to use our free will to make better choices than what we have done in the past.

But revelation is better than information, so it’s strongly recommended that you seek God for yourself and get your own personal relationship with Him so that He can give you the answers you are looking for in a better way than anyone else can.
Pray that He will give you revelation and a greater understanding of the bigger picture of the things happening, and maybe it will help you.







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