Don’t Believe In People’s Lies And Opinions

Don’t Let Anybody Label You And Put You In A Box

We all have those people in our lives who think they know all about us, what we should and shouldn’t do, what’s best for us, and how our lives are going to end up.

“Well, you can’t do that now, it’s too late for you now that you’ve gotten married and have children; now you can’t do anything with your life but work in a 9–-5 job and have a vacation once or twice a year; that’s all that’s in your future now.”

“You are never going to get married, you’ll never find yourself a good man/woman who will treat you well and love and respect you,” “you’re never going to get children,” “you’re already over your 30’s and still haven’t gotten anywhere, and you never will,” “you’ll never get anywhere, you’ll always be alone.”

You’ll never going to find yourself a good job and succeed,” “you’re never going to grow up, you’re always going to act like a teenager, partying, and you’ll never do anything with your life.”

“You want to quit your job and follow your dreams? Why would you do something stupid like that? So what if it’s making you miserable and you want to try something else that is greater?”

“You want to work now that you have children? The best for children is to stay at home with their parents; you should stay at home with them.”

“You want to stay at home with your children? Why would you want to do that? It’s not good for the children to be at home all the time. They should go to kindergarten.”

It’s those people who are always negative no matter what we say or do and they always think that all our plans are useless, meaningless, or dumb.

People always have something to say no matter what you plan, do, or say; you just have to learn not to let them label you and make you less than what you are. You can have a great future if you stop letting people tell you what you are and what you’re never going to be.



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