Don’t Believe The Liar And Deceiver

There are two kinds of lies the devil tells us and deceives us to believe. The first kind is the kind he tells to tempt you into sinning and compromising. The other kind is to make you feel worthless and that you’re not good enough.

Lies The Devil Tells You To Make You Sin:

We all have that little devil on our shoulder telling us all kinds of lies, like:

“It’s ok, just one more drink, it won’t hurt you, you deserve it, you need it; after the difficult time you’ve had, you deserve to have fun and relax. Just one more pill, just one more smoke, just one more. It’s nothing wrong with it, everybody does it.”

“It’s ok to lie just a little bit, why not, it’s nothing wrong with it? Everybody else does it.” “Why would you want to wait until you get married? Everybody else isn’t, so why should you? You should have fun and ‘live your life’ too.”

“Why shouldn’t you drink and party all the time? Everybody else is doing it. You deserve to have fun, just like everybody else.”

“Why would you want to follow the Scriptures? That’s old fashioned, nobody else is doing it, why should you? That’s stupid, that’s dumb, and everybody’s going to laugh at you.”

The devil will do anything to deceive you in order to make you sin. And He uses your weaknesses to tempt and mislead you and make you sin. Whatever you’re weak for he will use this and tell you that you deserve to have fun, enjoy, and sin like everybody else.

Maybe you deserve to sin and have fun like everybody else, but do you feel like you deserve to go through the suffering and the consequences that come with it?

He sets you up to get you upset and to make you weak. Then he uses your weaknesses to tempt you to sin, then he accuses, condemns, and shames you for the sin you committed.

Isn’t it ironic that the person who makes you sin is the same person who later condemns you for it? It’s time to brush that devil of your shoulder and stop listening to his lies and being affected by his attempts.

Start listening to God, because to him you are good enough, and that’s what matters. If you’re doing the best you can, that’s good enough for Him.

2 Chronicles 20:17:

You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.


Have you ever had these kinds of thoughts in your head?

Don’t believe the lies he tells you like:

”You’re never going to change, you’re not good enough,” “nobody loves you, nobody ever will,” “you’re never going to be happy and peaceful, you don’t deserve it, happiness is not for you, it’s for everybody else.”

“You’ll never get married, and you’ll never have any children,” “you will never be successful, you will never be happy,” “you’ll never be able to clean up the mess you’ve made.”

“Nobody loves you the way you look, you’re ugly, you’re too fat, you’re too thin, you’re too dark, you’re too light.”

“You can’t do anything right, can you? And you’ll never be able to,” “you’re stupid, dumb, and good for nothing,” “who are you fooling? With all the mistakes you have done, you’re not going anywhere,”

“God is mad at you, God doesn’t love you, He can’t forgive you. You’re not saved, why would God save you after the things that you have done? You’ll never get out this mess or this place.”

Whatever he’s telling you, don’t be fooled by it, and don’t start doubting in God’s ways and His power to turn any mess into a miracle. Instead have complete trust and faith in God and His words and His promises.

He wants us to feel bad and miserable about everything we are and everything we’re not, everything we do and don’t do. He wants to distract us with unnecessary worries about looks and appearance, what we eat and don’t eat, what we have and don’t have, to distract us from what really matters, our time with God and spreading light to the people around us and fulfilling our destiny.

You don’t want to live your life under the devil’s condemnation for sins and mistakes that you’ve done a long time ago and that you’ve repented and been forgiven for by God.

Don’t let him convince you that you’re not good enough just because you’re not perfect and because you’re still a work in progress; know that you’re on your way to greatness with God’s help and that the future will be great.

Don’t Believe The Devil’s Lies, Believe God’s Truth


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