Trauma, A Blessing In Disguise

Sometimes You Need To Have A Breakdown To Have A Breakthrough.

Experiences that seem horrible and are difficult can be blessings in disguise, whether we see it at the time or not. A person who treats us badly can be an angel in disguise triggering great changes within us, and traumatic situations can help us release issues and bondages we’ve been in for a long time but never got to release.

Sometimes a trauma can turn our life around towards a positive change, and later in life when we look back, we usually see that God gave us a chance to see things that we needed to change in order to make life-changing choices that could bring us more happiness.

It’s when we are in the dark, we start searching for the light, when we are at our lowest, we start reaching up, and it’s when we have lost everything and everybody, we really learn to get close to God.
A lot of great personalities in history have experienced great traumas in their lives right before they discovered their talents, life purpose, and their reason for being here on earth.

The greatest promotion, comes after the greatest obstacle.
Many people have found a deeper meaning of life after going through difficult times.

A trauma is a trauma if that’s the only way you see it. But you can see it as a blessing, pushing you to go deeper within yourself and helping you to find hidden treasures and resources within yourself that have always been there but never been discovered.
When you go through traumas or great difficulties, it is a hard and painful process to go through, but it helps to stir up deep emotions that need to be worked on, maybe because you haven’t worked on them in the past like you should have and they need to surface and be released.

No matter what evil comes your way, trust that God has the power to turn it into something good, and if He allows it, it means that you are strong enough to overcome it, and you will come out stronger on the other side.

You may not see the whole picture now, but God does, just trust in Him. See your trauma as a blessing in disguise, and be grateful for all the growth and strength it gives you.



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  1. Its just so hard going through this pain everyday and the person enjoys doing it to you, no remorse at all. Its very hard to love that person or believe that its all Gods plan for me. Especially if its affecting my son 2. I believe, but its so hard and painfull, and I just need a little hope, something to hold on to.

    1. God’s will for you is not to stay in abusive or damaging relationships. God wants you to be happy and to live in peace, and He wants you to live a life without strife and unhappiness. You and your son’s safety is more important than anything. If a person is intentionally hurting you and your son, then you should consider removing yourself from that situation and person. But the best thing you can do before you make any decisions is to pray about it and spend a lot of time with God in prayer and listen to a lot of sermons, and read the Word of God as much as you can. The more time you spend with God, the more clearly you can hear His voice and the More Clearly you can see what He wants for you, your son and your life. I will continue to pray for you and I know that God will bring you justice, and that He will help you with every aspect of your life.

      Closer To Heaven.

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