Overcoming Negative And Difficult People And Surroundings

It’s not easy being in this world with all the dark and negative people in it. But the most important thing to remember when we are around difficult people is that the way they treat you says more about their own inner state and pain, than what they feel about you. They don’t treat you bad because there’s something wrong with you; they do it because there’s something wrong with them and their own inner pain.

If you feel like you’re surrounded by or are attracting a lot of this kind of people then there’s usually two main reasons for this. One reason can be that you are around their darkness so that you can be a light in their lives and maybe inspire them to be better or to help them. Or there’s a lesson you need to learn about not letting people treat you bad and to stand up for yourself (without sinning and being mean). Or it can be something about your own inner state that opens doors for evil to work in your life.

We open doors for evil in our life when we are fearful, worried, stressed, jealous, bitter and resentful, depressed and unhappy; these are all dark and negative feelings and states of being.

And we often attract what we are. That’s why we see people who already have a lot of problems attract more of it. People who are already wealthy and successful usually also attract more of what they already are.

The solution to this problem is to put God first and prioritize Him as the first thing you do in the morning. You should put on the armor of God before you walk out the door, then you are protected and more fit for the battle, darkness and negativity out there that you meet in your everyday life.

You spend time with God by spending time in prayer. Write down everything you are grateful for like: “I’m grateful for food to eat, water to drink, a bed to sleep in, a house to live in and so on.” Then write what you want forgiveness for like: “I repent and pray for forgiveness for all bitterness and resentment, for all sins I’ve made in the past and present. All sinful thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.”

Then write prayers for the people around you, pray for all the people around you in need of prayers. And most people needs to be prayed for as God works through prayer and faith.

Then you pray for yourself and for the things you would like God to help you with.

It’s also good to listen to sermons daily, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen has a lot of good sermons that you can find and listen to on their page, there are also a lot of other good preachers out there. You should find a preacher that is good and works for you personally.

You should also read some Bible verses in the morning, read verses that are suitable for the situation you are in now, and that can guide you to a solution for the problems you are experiencing.


Listen To God, He Is Speaking To You

If you feel like God is speaking to you about a certain school or career, then you should listen to it and follow His guidance. You should read our articles and our book to learn how to follow your intuition and make right and better choices. Because God leads you through your intuition and that “gut feeling” you are having is usually He leading you and guiding you towards the right path.

If you’re having a difficult time hearing from God and seeing and hearing His guidance, then it’s most probably because your mind are filled with noise and distractions that makes it more difficult to hear Him. That’s why it’s so important to spend time with Him in the morning. Because then you will hear His voice and guidance throughout the day.

Faith, prayer, silence, calmness, happiness and gratitude open doors for Him to guide you, help you and to speak to you.

Worry, stress, fear, depression, unhappiness, ungratefulness, bitterness and resentment makes it more difficult to be guided from God and to hear from Him and it opens doors for adversity.

When you have a good enough foundation of the armor of God, then it will be more difficult to get depressed, more difficult for other people to put you down and you being affected by their negativity. And it will be easier to stay stable, positive, happy and strong and fit for the difficulties you face during the day.


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