Replace Your Unhappiness With Happiness

Why are happy people so happy? Because they do things that makes them happy, and they are having a life that they are pleased with.

Why are you unhappy and depressed? Because you are not doing anything that are adding any joy to your life. First you have to evaluate what makes you unhappy, then you need to evaluate what would make you happy. What kind of life would make you happier?

Things that can make you unhappy are a job you dislike, a house, neighborhood or an environment that are negative, dark and that are making you depressed and unhappy. Or friends and relationships and people that are draining your joy and energy.

The solution to this problem is to replace the things that are making you unhappy with things that are making you happy. Try searching for a new job, new house, new better friends, environments, people, places and relationships, and try to do more things that you love or like doing.

To spend all of your days working and being at home doing duties won’t make anybody happy. We need variation and fun to enjoy our lives, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoyment.

The devil wants to steal your joy, and he wants you to be miserable. Don’t let him deceive you to believe that fun is wrong. All fun is not wrong. There’s a difference between fun and sinful fun. There’s a lot of fun you can enjoy without sinning. All fun doesn’t have to involve drinking, drugs, adultery and sin.

You can go to the park, watch a movie, go swimming, go bowling with some friends or see if there’s some arranged activity in your neighborhood where people can go together, and maybe you will find new better friends?

Find out what you need to be happy, what you can do to have more fun and to enjoy your life and to get some variation in your life and some time off from thinking about struggles, difficulties and responsibilities. Take some time off, you are allowed. You got the license to relax and rejuvenate.


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