Drugs, Alcohol And Living An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Many people are walking the Broader Path when it comes to living an unhealthy lifestyle.
It gives momentary comfort but brings lots of problems and destruction in the end. Drugs and alcohol is one of them. On Saturday evening you may feel comfort, you feel good and relaxed when the alcohol is in your body. You feel accepted and respected by your friends because you are “normal” and are doing the same thing that everybody else.

It feels and seems like the right thing to do, and everybody else around you is accepting you for it. Then on Sunday morning, your body is letting you know that this is not good for you and that this is not the right thing to do to your body. But you ignore the warning signals and then you do the same thing the next weekend or at the next party.
Your body will keep on signalizing to you in different ways that what you’re doing is not working in cooperation with the body and what it needs.
But hey, everybody else is doing it, right? So it must be must be right.

That’s what most people think and what most people do. But the right thing to do is to listen to your body and ask yourself: Is this really what is best for me? Is this a good way to live in the long run?

Are you thinking about your own health, or are you more concerned about other people’s opinion? Are you scared of what other people will think if you weren’t “normal,” and like everybody else?

You may not experience any severe damage or side effects now, but you will risk experiencing it later. As most people in our society today know that alcohol and drugs bring damage and destruction to brain and body if consumed enough over longer periods of time.

We have the wisdom of what’s good and right for us, but we are the ones who have to make the choice to act wisely. God says: “I put before you the choice of life and death, choose life.”

You can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink it.
Old English Proverb


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