Learn To Receive

Many people struggle with receiving gifts and favors, and when they realize God’s generosity towards them, it’s difficult to accept; many think they are not worthy or deserve God’s goodness.
But if God thinks you’re worthy enough to receive His blessings, why don’t you? What is your problem with receiving?

Do you struggle with receiving favors from others because you feel like you don’t deserve it or think that others don’t want to help you? Or is it because you’re too proud to receive and ask for help, and you’re used to being independent and doing things yourself?
God is a giver, and we have to learn to be better receivers and learn to receive from other people around us, because God works through people.

Just like you like to please and make other people happy, other people also would like to help you and make you happy at times, and to do favors for you when you need it, and so does God.


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