Why Are You Angry?

Do you wonder why you are so angry all of the time? It’s because you keep on suppressing emotions and issues that you need to deal with if you’re ever going to have any peace in your life.

Do you wonder why you’re so touchy, easily annoyed, and triggered by everything other people are saying or doing? Why the smallest thing can get you upset? It’s because of all the emotions you have suppressed and are carrying around.

The truth is, if God gave you all the things you wanted and desired, you still wouldn’t be happy, because you still wouldn’t have dealt with your emotional issues and the emotional baggage from your past.
You would keep on chasing mirages to cover up those feeling lingering inside and screaming to get out and to be dealt with, but instead you keep suppressing them and keep thinking that: “When I buy that car, then I will happy, then I will feel better inside,” “or when I buy that dress,” “when I get that money,” “when I get that job,” “when I get that relationship,” or “when I move to that place.”
And to run away from your problems you drink, party, and run around with different partners, going from relationship to relationship.

But the truth is you will never be happy even if you do all of those things because the real reason you are unhappy and depressed is that you keep delaying and dealing with those emotional issues.

You will not be happy or attract the things you want and need until you forgive  other people and yourself for making mistakes, for allowing yourself to be used, abused, lied to, stepped on, and manipulated. Until you forgive yourself for degrading yourself and for doing things that have hurt you, the people you love, and God.

Neither will you be happy until you forgive God and stop being mad at Him for allowing things to happen to you and for not doing things your way or the way you think He should have done it.
The best way to deal with your hurt, emotions, and anger and to get it out of your system is to talk about the hurt and the situation that caused the anger. Praying about it will work as well.

Start doing these things, and you will start seeing how good it is to be released from emotional baggage.


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