Be Determined To Be Good

When we are determined to do something we have our mind set to do what it takes to get where we want. We have to be prepared to work hard, go through pain and suffer to reach our goal and not give up until we succeed.

God is looking for people who are determined to seek and find Him, people who truly wants to serve Him and to do good.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a woman with shoes with so high heels that it looks almost impossible to walk in them. But the woman is so determined to succeed walking in these high heels that she is willing to suffer, go through pain and work hard to succeed in walking in them. Or a man determined to watch that soccer or baseball match that he does whatever it takes to watch it. When we are determined to get what we want and do what we need to do, we are prepared, ready and willing to do what it takes, even if it means to suffer pain and be uncomfortable. This is the kind of determination that God is looking for. People, who are willing to sacrifice, suffer and be uncomfortable to serve and help others and to be pleasing to Him. God don’t want us to sacrifice for His sake, He knows that doing good to others also brings good things our way. When we do good unto others we sow seeds that will bear good fruits for us as well. If you are wondering why you are unhappy, feeling empty and dissatisfied, look at what you are doing for other people.

Small Acts Of Kindness Matters

Doing good things for others doesn’t mean you have to do something big and drastically. Sometimes it can be the little things. If you’re out of ideas of what you can do to help others here are some examples.

Things You can do to shine your light and spread some joy and a helping hand where you live:

1. Join a charity organization, either by doing physical helping work or by donating money to help keep maintain the organization.

2. Donate things you don’t need to those who need it more

3. Give a meal, blanket or some money to a homeless person on the street.

4. Babysit for a friend in need of rest and relaxation.

5. Compliment a friend, family member, a colleague or a stranger.

6. Smile, be positive and happy. It may be contagious.

7. Open a business, organization, prayer circle, website, where you can shine your light in your own unique way. Be creative!

8. Make a nice homemade meal or dessert for somebody. Or invite somebody out for a walk to get some fresh air and change of scenery.

9. Plan a birthday surprise, baby shower or just surprise somebody without any occasion, just to make them happy

10 Recommend this blog, our book, website or facebookpage to somebody you know that may need some Soul Food.


Shine some light on the world and the light will reflect back to You.



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