The Mirage

The greatest reason for misery in the world today and for people making poor choices, is the lack of feeling worthy, loved, and respected.

To try to comfort our flesh with a feeling of worthiness, acceptance, and respect, we chase mirages; mirages are something that seems like something that can quench our thirst for happiness, but is just an illusion and something that brings either no or just a momentary feeling or sensation of happiness and comfort.

Most of us have chased or are chasing mirages in one way or another. But now it’s time to find true happiness, the kind of happiness that can come only from the inside by following God’s Guidance, and to do what we can to get to the root of why we are making poor choices.

If you’ve watched cartoons when you were a child, I bet you’ve seen those cartoons where the character is in the desert and is thirsty, but there’s not water too be seen anywhere. Then suddenly they think they see water and run towards it ready to jump in it, only to figure out that there was nothing there, only more sand.

This is what people do in real life; they think they have found something that can quench their thirst for happiness and jump into it only to figure out that it didn’t bring them the happiness they thought it would bring them.

And another thing that is funny is that one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas is actually called “The Mirage,” and that is exactly what it is, an illusion of something that you think will bring you happiness, but will not. You could have all the money in the world, and still you wouldn’t be happy if you don’t have the right foundation on the inside.

It’s time to stop chasing mirages and time to chase and strive for the things that really matters in life. It’s not another dress you need, another vacation, a new house, a new car, a new relationship or marriage, a baby, or a new job you need to be happy.

What you need is to enjoy everyday life just the way it is right here, right now, no matter how it is, what you have or don’t have. And you need to spend daily time with God to get that true inner peace that really matters. Choose Love for God, not love for money.


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