Don’t Fit In, Stand Out


Don’t Follow The Crowd; Track Your Own Path For Others To Follow.


The leader always sets a trail for others to follow.


You’ve used all your life trying to fit in and be like everyone else, and then one day you realize the truth, that you’re supposed to stand out and be different from everybody else.

God made us different for a reason, not so that we all could be put in one box and live the same lives as everybody else. There are enough people living normal lives, not doing anything special with the lives that they have been given. What God needs are more people daring to get out of their comfort zone to make a difference, to be a help to somebody else.

People like comfort zones, and they don’t like changes, and when they see something or somebody in their lives changing, the first reaction is resistance. When people see you trying to do something with your life, they try to discourage you rather than encourage you because deep inside they are afraid of change and because they feel like they should change and do something with their lives as well.

If you think everybody’s going to give you approval for changing and making better and different choices than what you did before, then you are up for a disappointment. You should rather be prepared for the opposite, because making different choices than everybody else usually comes with discouragement and mocking rather than encouragement and cheering.

Let go of the approval addiction and the need for everybody to approve and cheer everything you do, and start being confident in yourself and the choices you make. Changing is not easy, but it will be worth it in the long run, and it will make things easier in the end. Don’t be discouraged by other people who don’t want you to change; most people think change is uncomfortable and will try to resist any change. People feel more comfortable with your being the same way you’ve always been rather than changing.

Don’t get impatient if it takes time to change into being all the things God wants you to be. Just like it takes time for a seed planted in the ground to grow into a flower, it also takes time for us from the moment we plant seeds of change into our minds and into our lives until we see results. Change takes time; don’t be discouraged if you’re not able to do everything perfectly right away. Be grateful that you’re making progress, and be patient with yourself.

Most great people we see around us, people who we admire and consider big stars or personalities, have all faced opposition from the people around them and have had obstacles they faced before they got to where they are today. No great calling comes without obstacles, resistance, or opposition; you can almost be sure that you will meet this on your way to fulfilling your destiny.

But another thing you can be even surer of is that you will succeed if you have faith and don’t give up. Choose to change now even if it is difficult and uncomfortable; it will be worth it in the long run.




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