Helping Those In Need



It’s easier to look away from other people’s pain and pretend that it’s not a part of our responsibility, but what if God looked away from us and our pain because it was easier, what if He didn’t take our pain seriously?

We need to take other people’s pain more seriously and ask ourselves: “What can I do to help this person who is in pain?”

It doesn’t have to be a big thing to matter; sometimes the smaller stuff says more. Like a hug, sending flowers, a card, or a letter, helping with shopping groceries, helping in the house, or taking that person out for a dinner, or cooking a dinner at home for them.

Our society convinces us that we need to do much, or else it doesn’t matter and is a waste of time, but small things matter, small things are important.

When God calls you to help others in need, you have to find out where and what you could change in your time schedule to have more time to serve God and help other people.


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