You’re Being Prepared For Ministry Work

If God has called you to do ministry, then you’ll have to be prepared for discomfort, obstacles, tests, and pressure, and especially if God has called you to have a worldwide ministry. The bigger ministry you are called to build, the more tests, challenges, and preparations you’ll have to go through.

If you really want to fulfill your calling and destiny as a ministry worker, then there’s a few tests and challenges you’ll have to pass before God can promote you to a higher level and make your ministry grow larger.

The Three Ministry Preparation Tests You’ll Have To Pass:

The Test Of Forgiveness And Loving The Unlovable

Working in ministry requires working with a lot of wounded people, and wounded people often hurts other people. You have to be prepared for people saying or doing things that can hurt you.

Before you start your ministry you will be tested in this through your family, friends, colleagues, roommates, or other people you are close to and other people that you meet. You may experience people not supporting you as much as you would like, people may reject you, criticize you or even mock what you are doing.

You know that you have been called by God to build a ministry, but they do not. You have to learn to not be offended when people reject you or don’t understand you or the things you do.

You have to learn to pray for and love people when they are difficult to love; you also have to learn how to forgive people easily. God works better through a light and forgiving heart, while a heavy heart isn’t good for your ministry. Be determined to forgive, love and pray for those who hurt you and you will pass your test.

The Test Of Staying Calm During Pressure

Working in ministry will require days with pressure, it can be pressure from colleagues, employees, clients or the devil.

As a leader you must know how to stay calm during pressure, you’ll have to know how to stay calm when other people would panic, and you must  know how to lead in good days and bad days.

And in order to do this you will be tested with pressure and difficult situations, and with God you don’t fail your tests, you get to take the test again and again until you pass. And when you’ve passed you will get promoted to a higher place in ministry and more doors will open for you.

The Test Of Faith

If you want to build a ministry, then having faith in God and in yourself is essential, because God works through your faith and prayers.

Building a business and a ministry always comes with obstacles, but the good news is that all obstacles can be overcome and conquered. The thing that the devil attacks you with the most is fear, the fear of other people’s opinions, the fear of worrying about the money and resources you need to build your ministry, and the fear of all sorts of things.

You have to learn how to live in complete faith in order to build up a ministry, you have to have trust in that God will bring you to the right people who want to contribute, volunteer, and donate. And you’ll also have to trust Him to bring to you the right people who you can help, and the strength, wisdom, and courage to help them.

Every time you get a reason to worry, God is giving you the chance to trust Him and to pass the test of Faith. When you’ve learned to live in complete faith, you will get promoted to higher levels, God will give you more responsibility, and your ministry will Grow.

Spiritual Warfare Training

Overcoming negative people, circumstances or difficult days or situations is doing spiritual warfare. You’re doing spiritual warfare by replacing the negative with positive. You’re doing spiritual warfare by praying for those who hurt you, by complimenting other people even when they criticize you, and by not being offended when people offend you.

You’re defeating the devil every time you’re choosing faith over fear, love over hate, positivity instead of negativity, and forgiveness over bitterness. You’re doing Spiritual Warfare everytime you’re having faith and trusting God, instead of worrying or living in fear.

Every time you’re doing this you’re doing Spiritual Warfare and defeating the devil little by little, and you’re getting promoted to higher and higher places both in the spiritual world and the real world.

Overcoming And Defeating Fear And Worries

Whatever God calls you to do, He will help you to do it. That means that whatever resources you need to build your ministry, whether it’s money, people, or the strength to do it, He will provide you with it.

The best way to overcome fear is to replace it with faith and positive affirmations.

Say to yourself that:

“I have everything I need in order to do what I need to do. God guides me and leads me to the right things, right places, and right the opportunities at the right time. God will provide me with all the money I need and more to build and maintain this ministry.”

Continue to pass your test, continue to pray for your ministry, and continue to have faith in the things God has called you to, and you will soon see miracles happening in your life and your ministry.

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