Loving Out Loud Is Spiritual Warfare

When you’re helping others you’re really helping yourself, you’re also doing spiritual warfare and you’re winning the battle every time you’re helping other people. So you can be sure that the kingdom of darkness will fight you on this and do what they can to keep you from giving, because they know that if you bless others you will be blessed.

Every time you’re acting out of love instead of greed, you’re winning battles in the spiritual world. And every time you’re about to give, bless, or help someone you can be sure that sudden thoughts of doubt and worry will pop up in your head: “Can I really afford this? Maybe I should wait until later, until I have more? What if they don’t really need it or deserve it?” These are thoughts that often will show up when you’re about to bless somebody else, but don’t let that stop you from giving. See it for what it is and give and bless that person anyway.

God will not be mad at you if you bless another person, and He will always bless you and take care of you if you bless and take care of other people. Don’t doubt or hesitate whether you should or shouldn’t help other people, instead give love, bless other people, and be a light in the darkness. Loving out loud and being a light in the darkness will always be The Right Choice.


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