10 Things You Can Do To Shine Your Light

When we do good unto others, we sow seeds that will bear good fruits for us as well, and it will come back to us when we are in need of help. If you are wondering why you are unhappy, feeling empty and dissatisfied, look at what you are doing for other people; if you make other people happy, happiness will come back to you.

Doing good things for others doesn’t mean you have to do something big and drastic; sometimes it can be small meaningful things. What about making an extra sandwich tomorrow and giving it to a homeless person before or you go to work or after? Or maybe som dinner leftovers?

If you’re out of ideas of what you can do to help others, here are some examples of things you can do to shine your light and spread some joy and a helping hand where you live:


10 Things YOU Can Do To Be A Light In The World

1. Join a charity organization, either by helping physically or by donating money to help the organization.
2. Donate things you don’t need to those who need them more.
3. Give a meal, blanket, clothes or some money to a homeless person on the street.
4. Babysit for a friend in need of rest and relaxation.
5. Compliment a friend, a family member, a colleague, or a stranger.
6. Smile, be positive and happy. It may be contagious.
7. Open and start a business, organization, prayer circle, bible study group, or a website where you can shine your light in your own unique way. Be creative!
8. Make a nice homemade meal or dessert for somebody. Or invite somebody out for a walk to get some fresh air and change of scenery.
9. Plan a birthday surprise or baby shower, or just surprise somebody without any occasion, just to make them happy.
10. Recommend our books and pages to people you know that need healing and growth.

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