Are You A Good Husband Or Wife?


Many people spend a lot of time reading  and studying all sorts of things, but few people really spend time in studying marriages and learning how to have a good and happy marriage. How can you know how to be a good man and a good husband if you don’t know what women want or need in a relationship? And how can you be a good wife if you don’t know or understand what a man wants or needs from you as a wife?

Men and women speak different languages and have different needs, and it’s important to understand each other’s love languages in order to keep and maintain a happy marriage.

When your husband retrieve or don’t talk to you it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, sometimes it means that he need space, sometimes it means that he don’t want to burden you because he take his role in protecting and providing seriously. Sometimes he does show you that he loves you, just in ways that are different from the way you expect him to show it.

Sometimes your husband can show you that he loves you just by fixing things in the house, buying something from the store, and just working and doing what he can to protect and provide. Just because he doesn’t bring you flowers every week or take you out to romantic dinners don’t mean that he doesn’t love you. It just means that his way of loving is different from yours.

If your wife is unsatisfied and always complaining and nagging, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you, and it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed in your role as being a protector and provider. But it means that you don’t show her that you love her in her language or in the way she wants, needs or expects you to show it.

Even though you’re not romantic by nature, and even if flowers or romantic dinners isn’t your style of showing her your love, it doesn’t take much to do it in order to keep her happy and to maintain a good and happy relationship. If you learn to understand what she needs and wants and learn to show her that you love her in Her Language, then you will see changes in your marriage.

And if you as a wife learn to understand why your man and husband does the things he does then you won’t get offended when he needs space and would rather hang with the boys. Then you will understand that this is his way of dealing with things, and instead of nagging and pushing him further away you give him the space he needs, and you will both enjoy a better, more peaceful and a more enjoyable marriage, the way God intended it.

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