Making Right Decisions

Don’t make decisions when you’re upset, excited, or emotional in anyway. Making decisions when we’re too emotional, whether we’re too excited or too angry, will often make us make decisions that are wrong for us. Too much emotions usually makes us very excited about something one minute and makes us do or say yes to things that we may regret later, when all the excitement has passed or when all the hate and anger has calmed down.

If we make decisions based on feelings, we will never be able to stay stable and reliable or make decisions that are right for us in the long run. Because feelings change.

You can feel like visiting your family one minute, and the next minute you can feel like not going out the door at all. But you can’t make commitments that you break all the time because you feel something different now than when you made the commitment. You should do what you’ve committed yourself to doing instead of committing yourself to your feelings.

Stay stable and in control of your emotions, and you’ll feel better, because you’ll do what you say, and other people can rely on and depend on you, and they will trust and respect you more. Don’t make decisions based on feelings of fear neither because fear can push us away from great opportunities.

When we base our decisions on fear, we can say no to things we really should say yes to, because of the fear of making mistakes. And we think of all the things that may go wrong instead of all the things that may go right. Make good, right decisions by being emotionally stable.

Learn more about Making Right Decisions in our book ‘Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover’.






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