Staying In The Safety Zone

The truth is that in life there will always be a mix of good and bad things. If you’re searching for a perfect life filled with just good and happy days, you’re having unrealistic expectations and you will disappointed. There will always be days that are less than perfect, but you can make imperfect days better by having the right kind of attitude. Even though there are bad days and difficult times we can choose to stay unaffected by them.

You can never be so righteous that bad things won’t happen to you. Bad things are a part of life even if we do everything right.

Faith is not for avoiding trials, difficulties, or tribulations, but it is to overcome them easier, knowing that everything happens for a reason and that everything will turn out fine.

Many of us had a good, safe childhood because we were protected by our parents or other adults and we stayed in their safety zone for us. Then we grew up and got into messes we don’t even understand how we got into.

Like our parents, God has guidelines and restrictions for us that can keep us safe and happy; if we keep them, we are protected inside of His safety zone. If we go away from His guidelines and safety zone, we most likely will end up in trouble. God’s safety zone is made to keep us from evil, darkness, misery, and messes.

Many people are deceived into thinking that the safety zone is boring, that God’s safety zone is keeping us from having fun or “living our lives.” But the truth is that God’s safety zone is what helps us to “live our lives.” It keeps us living our lives happily and safely. God created the commandments as boundaries that He wants us to follow so that we can be happy and fruitful in life. But He has also given us the liberty to have free will. Unlike animals that are controlled by instincts, we have a mind of our own and have the ability to think and make choices on our own. We are the ones who have to choose to keep the commandments or not. We still have the choice and the ability to walk outside those safety zones. But if we choose to use our free will to walk outside God’s safety zone, it will have consequences.

If we use our free will to commit adultery, we can end up in a mess of unwanted diseases, pregnancies, or other problems. If we use our free will to steal, manipulate, or lie, we can destroy our relationships with the people around us.

If we use our free will to do things that go against the commandments, it will have uncomfortable consequences that really aren’t worth it. Have the troubles and the messes you’ve created been worth the momentary joy and comfort it brought you? If not choose to stay in the will of God and choose to do better from now on.



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