Walk With the Wise and Change Your Life

Proverbs 13:20: He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.

It’s very important whom we surround ourselves with; even if we think a certain kind of people won’t affect us, they will affect us if we surround ourselves with them long enough. Don’t hang around people who are hindering your growth or people who are negatively affecting your morals, values, and relationship with God. Remove yourself from people who are making you compromise to be with them and who don’t allow you to be the best you can be.  Choose to stay around people who believe in you, people who love and respect you and God. Choose people who are good, wise, and righteous and who are having a positive effect on you.

Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

It doesn’t help changing yourself and your life if you don’t change your environment or the things or the people who contributed to your problems. We often hear about people coming out of jail, and they end up right back where they started, they get back to using drugs, getting problems, and many end up back in jail. Usually it’s because they go back to the same people and the same environment that caused them to start with drugs or getting in trouble in the first place. And that’s how it is with most people who can’t seem to change their lives for the better.
The changes we make will not have a lasting effect if we do not remove ourselves from the things, the people, and the environment that made us this way.

If you’re in jail and you get out, don’t go back to the same old friends and the same old places you used to if you want a new, better, and improved life. Find new places and environments that are fresh, new, and different, that can help you change into a better, wiser, and more mature person than what you were before you got yourself into trouble. You can use your lessons to teach others do the same thing; you can be a role model for other people who need or want to change. You can use your mess as a message for other people to learn from.

The very thing that you’ve been struggling with the most, or the very thing that has caused you the most pain is sometimes the very thing you are meant to help others to overcome. When you heal and help other people, you are really healing not just others, but you are also healing and helping yourself.





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