God Will Adopt You As His Own

Psalm 27:10:
Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.

If you didn’t have parents to protect you and guide you, God says in His scripture that “He will adopt you as His own” and that He will guide and protect you. But you are the one who have to make the choice to seek Him, and ask for His help. A lot of people were born and raised without a present mother or a father who’s been there for them to guide them and to be good role models in their childhood. And often the people who grew up without a male or female role model struggle to find role models to look up to.

Women who grew up without a father struggle to find men who treat them good and respectfully, and as a woman who are worthy of love. And men who grew up without a mother may struggle with finding good women who love and treat them with honor and respect. When you are raised as a woman without a present mother, you search for a female role model to look up to out in society or on television and you try to adapt, learn and figure out how a female should act, talk, dress, or behave.

The same goes for young boys growing up without a father figure; they try to find role models out in society from whom they can learn how to act and behave as a man. But unfortunately in this society there’s a great lack of role models for the younger generation, who are looking for someone to look up to, somebody to teach them good values and morals.

It’s important to have the right role models to look up to, for if you do, you’re most likely going to strive for the right things, and if you don’t, you’re most likely going to strive for the wrong things. Whether you look up to a preacher or a rap star, you’re most likely going to adapt good or bad behavior from this person. Make sure you look up to people who can lead you the right way in life.

Girls learn how to look and behave from television and magazines and learn that you have to dress sexy and wear make-up to be liked or loved. They also learn unhealthy values that are not presenting the real them. And nobody ever told them: “No, you don’t have to be perfect to be loved,” “you are good enough, and I love you just the way you are,” “you should be yourself and learn to love yourself, because you will never be happy living life trying to be somebody else,” “don’t you know that you don’t have to be thin, wear a lot of make-up and wear tight, short, or sexy clothes to be loved?”

And boys learn that the only things that they should focus on are sports, cars, women and partying, and they think this is the right way to live, but it doesn’t feel right on the inside. And they walk around bitter and resentful for the lack of their father’s presence in their lives. Because they never heard or learned the things they needed, and should have learned and heard from their father, like:
“I am proud of you, you are doing a great job,” “it’s alright to show feelings, you don’t always have to be tough, strong, and in control,” “I love you, and I know I should have been there for you when you grew up, and I am sorry for the pain, bitterness and resentment my lack of presence has caused you,”

“Nobody’s perfect, and no parent is perfect. I am sorry that I wasn’t there when you needed me the most.”
Everybody deserves to have a happy family and two loving parents, but if you didn’t, don’t spend your whole life resenting the first part of your life. You may not have had the best beginning, but you can have a great end. The choice is yours; you can choose to make it better, your past does not define your future, your beginning does not define your end.

If you’ve lacked a present parent or a role model growing up, it’s time to ask yourself if you have adopted good morals and values from the people you look up to. Or are you living a life out of your purpose, being something that’s not really you but rather something you think you should be? Is it time to go within yourself and see if your life is in agreement with your true inner will? Is it time to be the kind of person that you were really meant to be and live a life with purpose?

Your children will eventually learn from what you do, rather than what you say. If you want your children to be happy, then you need to teach them by being a happy person yourself.











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