What You Need To Do For Your Ministry To Reach The Next Level

Right before Jesus began his ministry he was tempted in the wilderness, and it was only after he had passed and overcome these temptations that his ministry could really begin. Because to run a worldwide ministry there’s certain characteristics and strengths that needs to be in place in order to run a successful ministry. Just like Jesus needed to be strong enough to overcome his temptations before he could start his ministry You also need to be strong enough to overcome your weaknesses and temptations before you can really and fully do what God has called you to do.

Some of the things you may be tempted with is the temptation to get easily sad, frustrated and angry. Or the temptation to be too affected by what other people say or do, or maybe it’s the temptation to be scared or worried instead of having faith and trusting God.

You have to pass the test by staying calm during pressure and adversity, by staying in faith and persevere through difficult times and by trusting God even when it doesn’t make sense. You have to forgive when people hurt you and try your best to not be affected by what they say or do. You have to overcome the temptation to take the easy way out and the temptation to quit when the going gets tough. If you do these things you will surely pass the test, you will surely begin your ministry and you will surely succeed in anything God leads you to do.

If you’re reading this message know that God Still loves you and He Still wants you to do what He has called you to do. You may have made some mistakes and missteps but so does everybody, so did also the people we read about in the Bible who God also called to do great things for Him. God knows that just like it takes time for a baby to learn to walk without falling, so it will take time for you to walk correctly in His way. God is patient and kind and you need not worry, because He is Still For You and Always Will Be There For You. God’s Love For You Always Wins.









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