How to Know That You’re Called to Be a Great Leader


Constant Problems Which Needs to Be Solved:

If you’re experiencing one problem after another and constant issues which need to be resolved then this is the greatest confirmation of being called to leadership. If it’s one thing you can be sure of experiencing as a leader it’s constant issues that needs to be dealt with and solved. As a leader people will come to you with their problems and will expect you have a solution for it, and it will be often. The greater your career grows, the more issues, problems and obstacles you’ll have to deal with.

People Problems

Another thing you definitely will experience as a leader it’s problems with people. People will constantly have their eyes on you and the things you do, and they will let you know their opinion on everything. There will be lots of people disliking you, people who will not approve of you or the things you do, there will also be jealousy and hate that you’ll have to deal with. You can’t have a great business or career where everybody will approve of you or where everything will go smoothly all the time. The more you are prepared for these things the better it is when your career and brand finally goes big. If you’re spreading and shining your light, you can be sure that there will be attacks. The good news is that you’ve been given the strength to overcome all darkness, difficulties and obstacles that comes your way.

Constant Pressure:

As a great leader you can be sure that there will be constant pressure, everybody will want a piece of you and there will always be something to do. If you can learn to deal with stress, pressure and difficult situations and learn to stay calm when everybody else would normally panic, then your life as a leader will be easier and a better leader you will be.

How To Know That You’re Ready For Greater Leadership

You know that you’re ready when you have learned to deal with constant issues that need to be solved, and have learned to accept that not everybody will approve of you and the things you do. When you have learned to stay calm in stressful situations and learned to keep on spreading light in despite any attempts to defeat, discourage or distract you, then you know you are ready for leadership and taking your career to a higher level.

With every opportunity comes opposition and obstacles, for every new level there’s a new devil, you just have to learn to take the good with the bad and accept the opportunities coming your way but also be ready and prepared for the opposition that comes with it. If you want the gain you’ll have to go through some pain. God never said it would be easy but it will be worth it.

Get Ready For A New Level Of Leadership

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