Be Active While Waiting On Your Miracle

Many people sit and wait on God for Him to fix their lives, but sometimes it’s really God who is waiting on them to start fixing their own lives before He intervenes. God likes people who are actively trying to improve themselves and their lives while they are still trusting and waiting on Him to fulfill His promise and give them their miracle and breakthrough.

Every day you should ask yourself what can I do today that will improve my life for the better? What can I do to get one step closer to fulfilling my mission and purpose here on earth. What does God want me to do and focus on today?

After you have spent time with God and figured out what He wants you to do, then you can actively start doing that. And every day you actively do your part, you get one step closer to your miracle and breakthrough.

Staying passive will not give you what you want, but doing what you can with what you have now will get you closer to your dreams and visions.

Miracles usually comes when you need it the most; and when you feel like you’re close to a break down you are really closer to your breakthrough. Stay active, trust God and the right things will happen at the right time.



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