How To Know That You’re Ready For A Relationship

You’ll learn to attract a loving partner when you’ve learned to love yourself.
Many men and women think they’re ready for having a relationship and to make a commitment to somebody. But to be ready to have a good and stable relationship with someone else, you first of all have to be able to have a good and loving relationship with yourself. You have to work on yourself and clear out and heal any wounds from past relationships.

Don’t date someone because of loneliness, because of the need of feeling worthy or valuable, or to be happy. Learn to love yourself and to be happy yourself, to be able to enjoy solitude, and to be alone. Stop searching for love in all the wrong places. Start to look for it in the right place, within yourself.
If you can do this, then maybe you are ready for dating, and then you can date someone who is actually right for you, not someone you date to fill the emptiness and unhappiness inside of you that only you can fill. You have to find yourself and love yourself before you find someone else to love.


Don’t Bring The Past Into The Future


Don’t bring past relationships into future relationships, love like you’ve never been hurt, and expect your new relationship to be better.
Your new relationship shouldn’t suffer because of your past ones; make sure that you have cleared out any issues from the past before you enter into a new relationship.
Relationships have a way of forming us, and if we end a relationship, we should spend some time in solitude regaining our individual personality, identity, and any values that the relationship may have changed. We should take our time to heal any wounds that need to heal. And when you’re ready, enter into the relationship with a “what can I do to make you happy, and how can I make your life better?” attitude.

When we’re determined to enter into a relationship for the right reasons, we attract the right kind of loving relationship.






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