Overcoming That Writer’s Block


There’s not really such a thing as a creativity block, but there is such a thing as being distracted, being busy, not being productive and not trusting God to bring you the inspiration and ideas you need in order to succeed. Ask yourself if you’re being busy or productive because there is a difference. Productivity is doing things that helps you progress in your destiny and the things you’re called to do. If you’re called to write it means that you sit down and write, ideally you should write a little something every day. A book is created one word, sentence and page at a time, and if you write a little bit every day you will have a finished book in no time.

Trust that when you sit down to work on your goals and your talents that God will guide you to the right things, the right ideas and the right inspiration. He will guide you to the right things and the right people who will help you get closer to reaching your goals, finishing your work and succeeding in it.

For those of you who are called to write, and who have been given gifts and talents in writing. Here are some writing tips, which will make it easier for you to overcome that writer’s block you struggle with.

Nr 1. Read A Lot. Read books, quotes, word definitions, sermons, read anything and everything. By reading you will get ideas, thoughts and opinions, and these thoughts, ideas and opinions will be your inspiration for what you should write. We all have our own unique way of thinking, and it’s this uniqueness this world needs, and you should use in your writing. Don’t be afraid of being different, and don’t be afraid of saying the same things someone else has said, it is your way of interpreting and saying it that will help other people.

Your way of thinking, speaking and interpreting things will be relatable to other people, and they may relate more to your message, to your uniqueness and your way of writing than what they do to other people’s messages and way of writing. The world needs your uniqueness, and your uniqueness can be showed in your way of thinking, speaking and writing.

Nr 2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure. Don’t be trapped by the illusion of perfection. Your words don’t have to be perfect, you just need to write and trust that God will help you re-write and polish the sentences and words you write later on. Just start writing, and then later you can go back and see if there is a better way to write those things and sentences.

Nr 3. Trust that God will lead you. Trust that He will guide you to find the right inspiration and the right words to write. Stop waiting, stop delaying, stop procrastinating, stop making excuses and stop doubting yourself and the gifts and talents God gave you and Just Do It.










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