God Is Always Right On Time

Some of the delay and setbacks you’ve been experiencing is not all because of others; stop giving your enemies more credit than what they deserve. . Some of the delays you’ve been experiencing is because of your own mind, thoughts, behavior, attitude and character.

Before God can give you your breakthrough, your character, attitude and mind has to be right. Sometimes it’s we who are stopping our blessings; sometimes God puts our blessings and breakthrough on a hold, until all the right things are in place.

Sometimes God puts our breakthrough on hold, because there are other people who are involved in it who also need to be ready. Right now God is preparing other people’s heart to be ready to receive you and to be ready to elevate you to the next level. He is also preparing your heart and making sure that you are ready for the next level.

At every great doorpost that leads to a new dimension, a new level of breakthrough and destiny, there are always a new devil and obstacle that needs to be defeated. Whatever difficulty you need to overcome and defeat to open the door to your breakthrough; know that God is with you, and that the power and strength in Him is greater than whatever obstacle you need to overcome. No matter how big that obstacle or difficulty seems, there’s nothing that’s too big or difficult for God. With God all things are possible; with God on your side you will see your breakthrough. If you’re experiencing delays and setbacks, make sure that you do your part in having the right attitude and to keep having faith. Trust that God’s timing is Right. God is never late, He is always  Right On Time. #YourBreakthroughIsComing



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