Hearing the Voice of God in a World Filled With Noise

If you walk around with a constant feeling of restlessness; there might be something on the inside that needs to be healed. Maybe there are some issues that you haven’t dealt with, that you need to confront?. Some people run away from the issues that are growing on the inside, by filling their life with noise and distractions.

Some people run away from their inner issues by going from partner to partner, party to party, from one job to another; living life in a constant busyness that keep them from having to deal with the growing inner emotional stress and issues. This world is filled with people who have supressed emotions and stress, that are contributing to anxiety and depression.

We’re living in a society that are afraid of experiencing solitude and stillness, not knowing that Solitude and Stillness can bring us Closer to the inner Peace, Calmness, Joy and Happiness and the Fulfillment we are looking for.

Take some time in solitude and stillness, and experience the Power of the Sound of Silence.  By doing that you will hear that inner voice that has been trying to tell you something. That inner voice that has been longing to heal you, guide you and bring you Closer to Peace, Closer to Happiness and Closer to God.



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